Price Guide

Birthday party prices are dependent on location, number of children and which activities you choose, but below is a rough guide to give you an idea. 

We also have a selection of ‘pay per go’ prices, so you know what to expect when you see the pop up slime workshop out and about! 


Standard Slime


This is is our standard prices for ‘pay per go’ workshops.

The ever popular ‘fluffy slime’ falls into this category, as well as our unicorn and mermaid slimes, without the resin add ins. 


Basic Slime


A more recent addition to some of the ‘pay per go’ workshops. These are smaller than standard and just use a basic recipe with no glitter etc.

Special Slimes


These are special edition slimes with more complicated ingredients or fancy add ins! These are normally a good option for more experienced slime makers.

Slime Parties


One go each for up to 10 children.

Perfect if you have other entertainment and activities planned.


Two goes each for up to 10 children.

A great accompaniment to a couple of party games.


Three goes each for up to ten children.

A full slime party, aiming to provide roughly an hour of entertainment.

Discount applies for additional children.

All prices dependent on location. 

Each go takes roughly 20 minutes to make.

Craft Parties

Prices depend heavily on which activities you choose, but as a rough guide, three activities often cost around £10 per child.

We aim for three activities to take roughly an hour, however, they can take more or less time, depending on activities, age of children and how much care they take on each activity. 

Other Group Bookings

Please get in contact to discuss our rates for other group bookings.

What our customers are saying

My daughter absolutely loved her unicorn painting, bead making and slime party. All the children had so much fun. Sarah was fantastic with all the children and can't recommend enough. Will be definitely booking another party soon x x

Laura Hammond